Auto Optimizer Mod Apk v10.0.17 build 341 [Download]

“Auto Optimizer” has been featured by many media outlets. Keep your device optimizer to keep it functional. Download the latest Apk and get the full version!

Auto Optimizer Mod Apk
NameAuto Optimizer Mod Apk
Version10.0.17 build 341
Size12 MB
ModPaid features unlocked


  • Easy to use, highly effective, faster processing speed!
  • Optimize instantly with just a tap on the home button. → Achieve a smooth operation on your device.
  • Display memory and battery info on the status bar or overlay.
  • Equipped with a powerful battery saver function. Battery life will be significantly improved!
  • Equipped with functions to clear various histories and caches.
  • Auto optimization execution condition and details can be set.
  • Advanced settings are also available for display during execution.
  • Optimize instantly with just a tap on the shortcuts.
  • Realize the fastest possible processing speeds by eliminating unnecessary processes.
  • Flexible settings to fit the way you use your smartphone, including detailed auto-executing conditional settings.
  • Check detailed information about the state of your device, including the ability to display remaining memory.

Memory release / Clear cache / Clear history

  • Execute when home button is tapped
  • Execute when screen is turned off
  • Execute by memory usage rate
  • Execute at a set interval
  • Manually execute with just a tap on the shortcuts

Battery saver
Depending on the device and the usage, the battery consumption can be reduced approximately by 1/10 to 1/3 while the screen is off.

Display memory info
Displays free memory size or free memory(in %) or used memory size or used memory (in %) on the status bar or overlay.

Display battery info
Displays remaining battery life on the status bar.

Ultra memory release
When free memory is very low, the Android system terminates running processes.
“Ultra memory release” function uses this method to release memory.


It may do not work properly depending on the specifications of the device or OS.
Also has various other useful functions.

Recommended for those who

  • Want an automatic execution app
  • Want to be able to set exclusion of memory release
  • Want an app with a high memory release rate
  • Want an app with a fast processing speed
  • Want an app that execute with a single tap
  • Want an app without advertisements
  • Want an app for non-resident automatic memory release / clear cache
  • Want an app for good battery life
  • Want to display memory info on the status bar or overlay
  • Want to display battery info on the status bar

List of functions

  • Memory release (task killer)
  • Clear cache
  • Clear history
  • Resident type settings
  • Auto-execute by memory usage rate
  • Auto-execute at a set interval
  • Auto-execute when screen is turned off
  • Execute when home button is tapped
  • Exclusion of memory release settings
  • Clear history settings
  • Sound effect of execution settings
  • Display mode of execution settings
  • Widgets
  • Shortcuts to each functions
  • Battery saver
  • Ultra memory release
  • Display memory info
  • Display battery info
  • Detailed device info
Auto Optimizer - Booster
Auto Optimizer - Booster
Developer: Unknown
Price: $2.99

How to Install?

Download the APK file using any download manager and you can also use your browser to complete the download. To start your download first open any given link below, and download the file from the cloud.

Step 1: Download Auto Optimizer – Booster , Battery Saver Premium Mod Apk from ModWayne.

Step 2: Now, open the downloaded APK file and start installation.

In case, you see any warning on your phone’s screen then enable the installation of apps from unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the app and enjoy full edition.

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